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WHOIS query introduction

Whois For short, it is a database used to query whether a domain name has been registered and the detailed information of registered domain names (such as domain owner, domain registrar, domain registration date and expiration date, etc.).Through domain names Whois query, you can get the domain name owner contact information, as well as the registration and expiration date.
According to the rules of registry, a domain may be in the registrar auto renewal period after it expires, the expiration date will be extended for one year regardless of whether the client has renewed it.
The expiration date shown in whois is for reference only. If a domain name is not renewed after the auto renewal period, it will be deleted. Please login to your account to check the actual expiration date of your domain name, and renew the domain name in time!

Explanation on the implementation of expired domain name deletion rules:

International Domain Name:
(1) DNS resolution will be stopped on expired date,if it is not renewed in 72 hours, domain name DNS will be modified and domain will be pointed to an advertising page (parked).The domain name renewal grace period is 30-45 days after it expires (time varies in different registrar policy )
(2) After renewal grace period, the domain name will drop into redemption period.(REDEMPTIONPERIOD,lasts 30 days)
(3) After redemption period, the domain name will come into deletion period of about 5 days. After the deletion period, the domain name will be released for anyone to register.
Statement of cn Domain Name Status:
Status beginning with client represent it can be operated by client (registrar)
Status beginning with server represent it can be operated by server (CNNIC).
Status that beginning with neither client nor server are managed on the server.

Explanations in Domain Status:
ok ok
inactive inactive(Domain server is not filled in when registering, and DNS resolution is not supported)
clientDeleteProhibited clientDeleteProhibited
serverDeleteProhibited clientDeleteProhibited
clientUpdateProhibited clientUpdateProhibited
serverUpdateProhibited clientUpdateProhibited
pendingDelete pending delete
pendingTransfer Statement of cn Domain Name Status
clientTransferProhibited clientTransferProhibited
clientRenewProhibited clientRenewProhibited
serverRenewProhibited clientRenewProhibited
clientHold clienthold