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Cloud native drives cloud computing "qualitative change"

Time:2021-08-02 13:39:50

At present, the development of cloud computing is becoming more and more mature and gradually enters the "deep water area". Statistics show that in 2020, China's cloud computing market showed explosive growth, with an overall scale of 209.1 billion yuan and a growth rate of 56.6%. From the development process, cloud computing has gone through the formation period from 2006 to 2010, the development period from 2010 to 2015, and the application period from 2015 to 2020, and entered a mature period.

How can cloud computing help enterprises digitalize? How will the future affect social change? At the trusted cloud conference in 2021, the reporter interviewed he Baohong, director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as cloud Research Institute of China Academy of information and communications), and Li Wei, deputy director.

Cloud computing is the cornerstone and hub of digital transformation

Enterprise digital transformation is an important strategic means to promote economic and social development in China“ In the 14th five year plan, digitization has appeared 25 times as a keyword in the full text.

Enterprise digital transformation can reduce costs and increase efficiency, but transformation is not easy. A report shows that in industries proficient in digital technology, such as high technology, media and telecommunications, the success rate of transformation does not exceed 26%; In more traditional industries such as oil, natural gas, automobile, infrastructure and pharmaceutical, digital transformation is more challenging, with a success rate of only 4% to 11%.

"The scale of China's digital economy does account for more than one third of GDP, but the digitization degree of various industries is different“ According to he Baohong, "the whole industry is undergoing digital transformation. The cloud is the core, and the cloud drives the integration of all businesses."

He Baohong, director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communication

How to accelerate digitization? In the view of he Baohong and Li Wei, the development of cloud computing provides tools and Implementation Paths for digitization to some extent.

"With the continuous maturity of cloud computing, the siphon effect of cloud computing in the industry began to appear, and brought profound changes to software architecture, integration of new technologies, computing services, management mode, security system and digital transformation." Li Wei said that cloud computing has penetrated into all links of enterprise digital transformation and is everywhere.

In Li Wei's view, cloud computing has become the cornerstone and hub of digital transformation. On the one hand, taking cloud computing technology as the carrier, integrating a variety of digital technologies to create an integrated cloud platform for digital infrastructure, enabling the transformation and development of enterprises and business segments in various industries to meet the personalized needs of a large number of diversified customer groups; On the other hand, for the enterprise general business unit management system and core business system, the cloud computing technology is deeply used to effectively integrate the underlying resources of business applications, realize the integration and integration of application systems, break the barriers between business units and realize the collaboration and sharing among business units.

Li Wei, deputy director of cloud computing and big data Research Institute of China Academy of information and communications

The essence of cloud primordial is to improve quality and efficiency

The hottest technology in the field of cloud computing is cloud native. The essence of cloud native is a set of best practices and methodologies to guide users to use cloud computing technology to reduce business costs and increase efficiency.

According to he Baohong, with the acceleration of China's layout in the field of "new infrastructure", cloud computing ushers in new development opportunities. Thousands of enterprises speed up their digital transformation and shift gears, which also puts forward new requirements for the use efficiency of cloud computing. With its unique technical characteristics, cloud native meets the essential needs of the development of cloud computing, and is becoming the technical core driving the "qualitative change" of cloud computing.

"The cloud native system enables these fields to quickly integrate into the cloud computing capability pool, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency for end users and bring great value." He Baohong analyzed that in the past 10 years, the core value of cloud computing is to achieve high cohesion of resources and improve composite utilization. Cloud Computing mainly solves the problem of resources. In recent years, with the rapid development of the global digital wave, the core demands of enterprises to accumulate competitive advantages have changed, focusing on the change of business model, quickly sensing and responding to the needs of users, which has forced the technical architecture to a great extent, and shifted the support focus of the architecture from resources to applications.

It is against this background that Yunyuan's production industry has maintained a strong development trend in recent years“ Cloud service providers have entered the era of comprehensive cloud protobiology, and the pace of cloud transformation of software enterprises has been accelerating. On the demand side, Yunyuan biochemical began to be the leading enterprise in the industry, and gradually sank to small and medium-sized enterprises, from the early taste of leading enterprises to the necessity of mainstream enterprises. " He Baohong said.

Security, from boundary as the core to identity as the core

How to ensure the security of Enterprise Cloud and digital transformation? He Hong told reporters that he Hong is particularly concerned about the safety of enterprises in the digital industry.

With the continuous acceleration of the process of enterprises going to the cloud, the traditional security protection system with boundary as the core has encountered a bottleneck, and the concepts of zero trust and native cloud security have sprung up, providing guidance for enterprises to build a new generation of security system.

"Zero trust means never trust and always verify." Li Wei said that the role and significance of zero trust in the security construction of enterprise digital transformation lies in that its concept breaks the default relationship between network location and trust, can maximize the trusted access of resources, and improve the security of the new IT architecture in enterprise digital transformation.

At present, the integration of cloud native and zero trust is accelerating. According to he Baohong's analysis, first, in the operation stage, zero trust as a cloud security product continues to be original, and zero trust evolves from privatization deployment to SaaS service. Sd-wan realizes secure access service edge (SASE) through the integration of zero trust. Cloud zero trust realizes the elastic expansion of security performance, can cope with massive access requests, and micro isolation is the key technology of zero trust, Access control of east-west traffic in the cloud makes up for the deficiency of traditional security protection mechanism in cloud environment.

"Native cloud security focuses on security from the R & D stage. More and more enterprises begin to design application systems based on the principle of zero trust. Cloud services or applications on the cloud will achieve native zero trust, and the security capability will be greatly improved." He Baohong said