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What are Google ads and how do they work?

Time:2021-08-26 09:19:38

            Every second, there are 2.3 million searches on Google, and most of the search results pages contain Google ads. Through merchant payment, Google Advertising can become a very effective way to provide relevant qualified traffic for your website when people search for the types of products or services provided by your merchant.

In this article, Google promotion agent - Shanghai Xinggu will take you to understand the content of Google Advertising, how Google advertising works and why you should put your own Google Advertising.

What is Google Advertising?

Through the display advertising network and Google's Adsense program, Google uses advertisements displayed on Google ads or other websites to provide advertisements displayed in search results on google.com.

The following is an example of a Google search engine results page (SERP). Paid Google ads are divided into two parts, one on "natural" or organic links and the other at the bottom of the results page:


             Sponsorship results or advertisements (in the red box) are represented by a green "advertisement" label. The results displayed below the advertisement (in the green box) are called organic results.

Google also provides display advertising, which is displayed on the Google display advertising network. Display advertising network is a wide range of external third-party websites that cooperate with Google and agree to put Google Advertising. Google ads in the display advertising network can be text, pictures, videos or rich media formats, or adopt different goals. This includes re marketing and banner advertising.

Why do Google ads appear?

            Google ads bidding focuses on keywords - advertisers choose a list of target keywords related to their commercial products, which is the most likely word people use when searching for products. Then, they bid based on these keywords, and based on each bid, they determine how much they are willing to pay for Google users to click on their ads. This bid is combined with the quality score assigned by Google according to the advertising quality you propose to determine which Google advertisements are displayed on the SERP. When a user clicks an advertisement, the advertiser will pay a certain fee (per click fee or per click fee), which is calculated according to the following formula: