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Enterprises accelerate the process of going to the cloud

Time:2021-12-01 20:39:46

With the advent of the digital era, the development of enterprises towards digital transformation has become an inevitable trend, and cloud computing, as an important cornerstone of digital transformation, is an important driving force for development. Cloud computing services have driven a new wave of digital transformation and innovation needs and become the foundation of enterprise operation.

Today is the era of Internet of things in which everything is interconnected, and the demand for diversified development is increasing rapidly. Cloud computing users now not only need to put the system on the cloud, but also require the use of cloud computing for diversified Internet of things application development and testing, so as to further optimize the development cost and the ability to go online quickly. However, with the trend of comprehensive intelligence of various references, the technical integration and ecological tandem extending from cloud computing to edge computing has become a short board in the market.

According to the author's understanding, Huayun data, as a leading comprehensive cloud computing manufacturer in China, has adhered to independent research and development and innovation for many years, created a cloud platform with unified management and consistent experience, supported full core and full stack cloud computing solutions, and provided services for the party and government, finance, transportation, medical treatment, education, telecommunications Users in various industries and fields such as power and manufacturing provide Xinchuang cloud computing solutions and services. At present, Huayun data business covers the national and overseas markets, with more than 10 branches around the world and more than 300000 customers.

In the middle of this year, Huayun data released the Xinchuang cloud solution for enterprise digital transformation and localization instead of one-stop delivery - Xinchuang cloud base. It is a universal cloud operating system with full core and full stack, full core and full ecological high-performance desktop cloud and an Chao cloud suite supporting hybrid IT architecture. Through the cloud ecological adaptation process of Huayun data Xinchuang base group, Shield the complexity of the underlying infrastructure and provide customers with reliable digital transformation solutions for Xinchuang.

Cloud computing manufacturers assist in the upgrading of various vertical fields through various algorithms, and realize the positive cycle of automation, independent training and independent optimization by deeply combining cloud computing, edge computing and professional domain knowledge, so as to achieve the goal of real innovation and transformation.

Huayun data adapts various operating systems upward, including Linux, windows and domestic operating systems, to ensure that all kinds of applications can run safely and stably on the cloud platform. Downward compatibility with mainstream domestic processors and server hardware, support the opening of bare metal, virtual machines, containers and other types of cloud resources based on mainstream domestic operating systems, and make use of the full ecological adaptation and key research capabilities of Huayun Xinchuang base group to provide industry Xinchuang cloud solutions based on Xinchuang cloud base for all walks of life.

The development of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and big data will promote the development of cloud computing and edge computing. As a cloud computing expert, Huayun data will also seize the opportunity of information technology revolution, adhere to exploration and innovation, give full play to scientific and technological advantages, and become the force behind enterprise digital transformation.