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In 2024, cloud computing is expected to bring us $160 billion in economic benefits

Time:2021-12-13 17:27:31

Recently, Deloitte Asia Pacific released the report "cloud potential: an opportunity not to be missed in the Asia Pacific region". The report predicts that cloud computing is expected to bring economic benefits of up to US $160 billion to the Asia Pacific region from 2020 to 2024. As long as major enterprises steadily increase their investment and utilization of cloud technology, the benefit prospect is just around the corner.

It is reported that the report is based on a questionnaire of nearly 600 business leaders, covering eight focus markets in the Asia Pacific. Deloitte Economic Research Institute estimates that the deployment of cloud services will contribute US $160 billion to the economy of the Asia Pacific region from 2020 to 2024; Public cloud expenditure will expand at an annual growth rate of 28%, rising from US $32.1 billion in 2019 to US $116 billion in 2024, which will bring considerable productivity and economic benefits.

In addition, according to the survey on the willingness of enterprises to "go to the cloud", only 10% of enterprises in the Asia Pacific region believe that their preparation for cloud technology has reached a high level, while 46% of enterprises say they are "indecisive" or "unprepared".

Liu Junlong, leading partner of Deloitte China cloud services, said that since its development in China, cloud computing has entered a key stage of deep integration with the industry and promoting the comprehensive digital transformation of enterprises. At present, especially in Asia Pacific economies, 50% of industries are facing unprecedented change forces from external environment, society and internal operation. Whether in traditional manufacturing or emerging industries such as finance and media, cloud computing has played a more and more important role in enhancing business resilience, improving business security and promoting revenue growth.

Dan Newman, head of Deloitte Asia Pacific cloud transformation, said that the infinite potential of cloud will help enterprises improve operations, consolidate competitive advantages, stimulate business opportunities, and make great progress in productivity, operational efficiency, new customer base, market share, revenue and profitability. Cloud has become an opportunity that can not be missed by major enterprises, industries, countries and the whole Asia Pacific region.

The report also studies a series of factors most related to change, evaluates and analyzes 18 industries in the Asia Pacific region, and finally transforms the analysis into "Deloitte digital change distribution map". The figure shows that industries expected to usher in major changes include mining, finance, manufacturing, information, media and Technology (IMT), art and entertainment services, which contribute more than 50% to the economy of the Asia Pacific region.

The report also puts forward suggestions on cloud deployment in the Asia Pacific region and lists a series of action guidelines for enterprises that want to embark on the "cloud" journey or enhance their existing cloud strength. Specifically, establish a high-level led cloud strategy; In the long run, do not hold back because of the existence of traditional systems; Strengthen cooperation with partners; Cultivate a team that "knows the cloud and understands the cloud".