Financial Cloud Solution

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Challenges faced by Financial Industry

Financial Cloud architecture

The financial cloud solution provides customized and personalized cloud computing services for small microfinance companies such as P2P, small loans, pawns, guarantees, and crowdfunding. Internet micro-finance users can also enjoy financial-level security; high performance computing and flexible Cloud service can massive concurrency problems of Internet services, while significantly reducing the IT costs of start-ups. In addition, Admei-cloud teamed up with partners to create a microfinance ecosystem that provides a one-stop solution platform.

Admei-cloud creates a safe and reliable operating environment for financial users, and provides users with a reliable technical operation and maintenance support team, which can help customers complete the work from pre-planning, implementation, application migration to post-operation and maintenance. Contribute to the sustainable development of the financial industry.

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Advantages of financial cloud Solution

  • Easy Operation and flexible management

    Cluster technology, multi-node joint participation calculation, automatic parallel processing and load balancing. Cluster-based and has very high hardware redundancy to easily handle hardware failures and traffic surges.


    Equipped with Intel Haswell CPU, DDR4 memory, better computing capabilities; I/O optimization example is enabled, Use Pure-SSD solid cloud disk creating better storage performance.

  • Multi-line Nodes

    On the Internet, your customers can be anywhere in the world. With Admei-cloud Cloud you can have your ecommerce websites hosted in a datacenters in any of 16 different geographic Regions worldwide; so you can serve every geography with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Rich-feature Control Panel

    As your business grow, the operation of the information management system becomes more complicated. Admei-cloud has developed a flexible and easy-to-use user management center for users to manage their business easily and flexibly.

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