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Solution Architecture Deployment

Architecture Description

The Admei-cloud website solution enables enterprises and developers to implement flexible automation of basic IT facilities, pay-as-you-go service models and zero-cost operation and maintenance IT service systems. Transform the traditional IDC data center into a highly simplified, standardized, automated and resilient cloud data center. Transforming the enterprise and developer's IT support system from the “cost center” into an engine that drives the continuous development of the core business.

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Advantages of Website Cloud Service

  • Scalability

    When the website users are faced with the problem of cloud server configuration selection, Admei-cloud supports instant resource expansion according to user's demand on configuration, which can easily solve the configuration selection problem.

  • One-click Backup

    For the backup problems faced by website users, Admei-cloud introduces efficient and convenient one-click backup/ recovery. Users can customize backup events and make one-click backups through the console, so that data security can get the maximum guarantee while reducing user backup costs.

  • Self-defense

    With the development of the Internet, DDoS and CC attacks have become a very common attack mode. So the safe and stable operation of the website has become a key point for every user. For Admei-cloud website solution, each open node comes with a default defense peak, which can actually solve the network security problem fundamentally and protect the user website from attack threats!

  • 1V1 Special Secretary

    Website users are faced with a variety of personalized issues in the early stage of the cloud, such as environmental deployment, data migration, after-sales operation and maintenance. The industry's traditional work order service model has been widely criticized by users. Therefore, Admei-cloud will carry out reform and innovation, and each user will be equipped with a dedicated customer service staff to help solve user incurable diseases during normal working hours.

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